The Conscious Remedy

If you want to create media-content that demonstrates that you have consciously and competently considered the content of your media, the audience for it, and how it can be received; CMC, LLC can help you do that! 

In Everything We Do and In Everything We Will Do For You, the CMC, LLC Advantage will ensure that your media-content stands-out! How? It will demonstrate that it  was created with Conscious-Concern©!

CMC, LLC wants to be your go-to thought-partner when you or your organization seeks to be culturally and competently-conscious in its media creations. 

We believe that when media-makers demonstrate Conscious-Concern© in their media construction, that media can be a powerful tool to: 

  • avoid perpetuating or creating false narratives
  • correct manipulative discourse
  • accurately represent people, places and things
  • bring media justice to race, gender, social and economic issues that are in public discourse.


When you bring CMC, LLC to the table:

  • We can help your business tell the story you want to tell about your company’s values. As well as, we can help your business accurately represent your products or services to your consumers or potential consumers.

  • We can help your business analyze media in the concept stage before it goes through the costly channels of creation.

  • We can help your business spot potential pit-falls before media is disseminated that could cause offense. 

  • We can help your business research narratives to help ensure that the narrative it presents is accurate and free of unintended bias

  • We can provide training to your business on how to develop media-creation skills that are Conscious and Comprehensively Media Literate 

  • We can provide training to your business on how to develop Conscious and Comprehensive Media literacy skills for media-consumption

With culturally and competently-conscious lenses, the team at  CMC, LLC will analyze your media, or concept for media, to help you determine if there are hidden biases contained within it.

Conscious Media Consulting, LLC is dedicated to accurate representation in media. We believe that media that is created free from inaccurate narratives has the ability to create affinity between the media-consumer and the media-maker. 

We believe that when media is created with Conscious-Concern© for accuracy,  the whole of society will benefit!