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Conscious Media Consulting, LLC is a conscious content and conscious media project consultancy and media literacy skill development training organization for professional content creators. 

About CMC, LLC

Ava Montgomery, Conscious Media Consulting, LLC, Founder,

CMC, LLC Founder & Chief Considerations Officer

Ava Montgomery was born in California. She spent her formative years in the suburb of Northridge, CA. Her exploratory nature has moved her to reside in a number of states and locales. 

As a Southern California native though, she is innately drawn to beautiful beaches located there and around the world. As an original “Valley Girl”, of course, she is fascinated by the media industry. 

Whether through books, television, movies or theater--Ava learned early on how to develop multicultural lenses for the purpose of media analysis. 

Ava's media literacy was not "left up to chance". From an early start she received guidance on how to recognize the differences between narratives as told through the subjects own voices and those told of them through media inspired narratives and images.

In addition to informal study, she has used her keenness for understanding influences on narratives and representations in formal scholastic pursuits. Because media has been particularly influential regarding social justice issues, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice. 

Then, she furthered her studies and completed a Master of Arts degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from an international studies university.  She studied the influence of Western media narratives and representations on global discourses-- past and present. 

Upon completing her studies, Ava interned in the Media Education department for a public media station. There, she learned how technical equipment and software are used in media production.

Equipped with career successes, theoretical education and practical hands-on experience in content and media creation in front of and behind the camera, she fulfilled her goal of writing a comprehensive Media Literacy Guide for content creators and media consumers. 

“Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up! A Guide to Understanding and Developing Conscious Media Literacy Skills” offers helpful insights for acquiring conscious literacy skills needed to understand how discourses in the past often manipulate discourses in the present. 

The continuum of content influencers and media engagers can use the information to better analyze media and impart conscious consumption practices in children and young people. 

A thought-leader in the conscious content and media consumption space, Ava is the founder of and Chief Considerations Officer for, Conscious Media Consulting, LLC. She established CMC, LLC to be a thought-partner for content-creators who are seeking to demonstrate Conscious-Concern© for accuracy in narratives and representations across cultures.


*Conscious-Concern© is a term that describes a specific type of lens for media analysis and content creation which is defined in the guide: Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up

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CMC, LLC Has Global Reach

At our core, CMC, LLC is an advocacy organization. We believe that false narratives and misrepresentations created globally, throughout history  can be avoided and corrected in content today--if that content is consciously created.

Ava champions the power of conscious media created by and for the people.  She is committed to using the using the power inherent in content creation as a tool for advocating for media justice around social justice issues. 

Ava travels internationally to speak to, present to and facilitate workshops. Talk with us about having her speak to your organization or audience. 

She believes that conscious content creators can change the nature of local, national, and global discourses for the better through conscious content creation. 

In other words, Ava believes that with consciousness in messaging, conscious content creators--regardless of the industry they create content for—have a vital role in shaping local communities and larger societies for the better! 

Ava has traveled extensively internationally. Additionally, many of CMC, LLC's support consultants live globally. 

As an organization, CMC, LLC has the resources to provide project-support  to assist in vetting your public-facing media  content. 

Our team can be the uniquely qualified thought-partner you need to support your analytical efforts.  Let us help you ensure that your content is ready and worthy for public consumption.