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"Media Literacy is a social-justice issue. Conscious Media Literacy is a life-skill." 

From her early start engaging with media, CMC, LLC founder and Chief Considerations Officer,  Ava Montgomery developed a multi-faceted lens for media analysis. She has used her keenness for training and media literacy, in scholarly pursuits and as a mechanism to advocate for accurate representation and accurate discourse in mass media. 

When Ava Montgomery was in her early teens and well before the advent of Social Media, she wrote a letter to a soap company. 

She inquired why a spokes-woman for one of its products ended an otherwise considerate commercial by mentioning her desire to lose weight. 

Ava was unable to make the connection between a soap product and weight-loss. She could however, make the connections between media influence and using false narratives to perpetuate gender and other biases. 

She has been a consummate advocate for fair and accurate  narratives and representations in media since.   Ava is well aware of the powerful influence media can have on public discourses and public policies. As well, she is intimately knowledgeable of how media can be created to negatively or positively influence self-esteem development. 

Thus, CMC, LLC's mission is to create media and to help our clients create media that demonstrates Conscious-Concern© in construction.* 

She believes being consciously concerned for accuracy of narratives and representations in public-facing media (and speech content) is the best way to elevate discourse and demonstrate personal and professional integrity and honesty.


When creating or helping our clients to create Conscious Media, Ava will focus her analytical lenses on achieving--among other considerations--the following Six Spheres of Consideration for content that demonstrates  Conscious-Concern© :

  1. Considerations of Accuracy in Narrative 
  2. Considerations of Accuracy in Representation(s)
  3. Culturally -Competent Considerations
  4. Considerations for Media Justice on or about Social Issues
  5. Linguistic Considerations for appropriate language for the topic and audience
  6. Considerations of Gender narratives and representation 

*Conscious-Concern© is a term that describes a specific type of lens for media analysis and content creation which is defined in Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up!

Ava has a Masters of Arts degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Law Enforcement Administration.

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Global Reach

Conscious Media Consulting, LLC provides media literacy training in Colorado and Internationally.

Your organization may already have culturally and consciously-competent staff to assist in creating and vetting public-facing media  and speech content. CMC, LLC can be a thought-partner with them to support their analytical efforts and help ensure content is ready for public consumption.

CMC, LLC can travel internationally to Speak to, Present to and Train your organization or audience on consciousness-raising topics that are integral to creating conscious media and speaking with conscious awareness of audience.

CMC, LLC can also assist clients with media-content development research for media that will cater to audiences located around the world.