Conscious Content & Media Creation: The CMC, LLC Origin Story

How did CMC, LLC come to be a ground-breaking start-up media consulting company which thought-partners with non-profits, for-profits and  freelancers and helps them consume and create conscious content? 

This is our story, in-part, about why CMC, LLC is so passionate  about promoting conscious media-content creation and conscious media-consumption skills for media-consumers, content-creators, media-makers, sponsors and promoters.

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Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up!

A Guide To Understanding & Developing Conscious Media Literacy Skills:

"That a coded or subliminal message has been internalized, may not be realized until the influence from it is revealed later in spoken beliefs about, and possibly behaviors toward oneself or another.” 


In this educational and engaging read, CMC, LLC founder, Ava Montgomery addresses contemporary social-justice and media-representation issues. She takes a conversational approach to present new concepts and content creation tools. These concepts and tool are designed to increase media literacy  for content creators and media consumers in conscious ways. 


She explains the importance of, and how to develop, what she refers to as “Conscious Media Literacy Skills” necessary for today’s expansive and often obfuscating media offering-including digital media. 


With an intimate knowledge, Montgomery exposes correlations between historically false narratives and misrepresentations and contemporary false narratives and misrepresentations. She explains what she considers are “New Colonialist Scripts”, being used to manipulate discourses on race, ethnicity, and identity today-- just as old scripts manipulated during the periods of Enslavement and Reconstruction and post-reconstruction disenfranchisement. 


Using examples taken from today's media and media discourses, Ava explains how specific communication tools and strategies are used to create media that perpetuates false narratives about historically marginalized people of color and specifically about Black people. 


She also explores how certain communication tools are used as strategies that attempt to hinder critical-thought and impede positive self-esteem development in all people.


The guide-book was inspired by two goals:

1. A desire to help media-consumers develop conscious media literacy skills that can help them combat negative (and often subliminal) messages that were designed to devalue them and impede positive self-esteem development. 

2. To provide tools and tips for employing culturally and consciously-competent lenses for the continuum of media-influencers who desire to demonstrate Conscious-Concern©. That is, to create, sponsor and promote conscious content in the media they create or have influence with.*

*Conscious-Concern© is a term that describes a specific type of lens for media analysis and content creation which is defined in Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up!

Click on Book image to order the Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up! Guide

Click on Book image to order the Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up! Guide #ConsciousMediaLiteracy


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