We See You! Media We Appreciate!

CMC, LLC's Lens of Appreciation (LOA)

At CMC, LLC, we look at media through multiple lenses. We do so because once you have a personal commitment to demonstrating Conscious-Concern© and striving for Unconscious-Concern©, it's hard to turn-off  these lenses of consideration! 


It's also gratifying to recognize consciousness in media creations. 

We believe in giving shout-outs to organizations when they use media to represent subjects well and people accurately!

Follow us on social media to see which media gets the CMC, LLC "Lens of Appreciation!" and why we believe that particular media demonstrates one or all of the following: 

1. Considerations of Accuracy in Narrative 

2. Considerations of Accuracy in Representation 

3. Culturally -Competent Considerations

4. Consideration for Media Justice to issues of Social Injustice

5. Linguistic Considerations

6. Considerations of Gender narratives and representation