The Consequence(s)

Causing offense in media-messaging is often unintentional. It can be hurtful to consumers and the public at-large, nevertheless. 

Smaller organizations may not have the resources on staff to do a proper analysis of media to spot hidden biases.

Even some larger companies that have the resources, did not do the proper analysis to check for hidden biases in their media-content-creations. 

The consequence of not having the resources or having the resources, but not utilizing them in the right ways can lead to an organizational blind-spot of not knowing what one does not know, but needs to know.

Viewing media with the right lenses can help avoid causing unintentional offense and can help avoid the consequences that can come with “not knowing what one does not know, but needs to know.”

When offensive media is created or people take reasonable offense to the way representation occurs in media that can be consequential in a number of ways:

  • When offensive media is created, those that believe they were targeted, lose faith that a company can and does respect all consumers of its product or services. 

  • When offensive media is created,  consumers can lose faith that a company appreciates all consumers who  spend their hard-earned dollars patronizing the company. 

  • When offensive media is created,  consumers may look for other companies to spend their hard-earned dollars with.

  • When a consumer feels cause for  offense, he or she may just tell you about it--if you're lucky.

  • When offensive media is created, there may be irreparable damage to the company’s image

It is of course, a different discourse when the offense was intended.  CMC, LLC is not here for that!

However, when unintended offense occurs there is a desire and an opportunity to correct the impression left by it. 

When companies are seeking to be conscious in their media-content-creations to correct an offense or to avoid offense, CMC, LLC is here for that!