CMC, LLC can help companies avoid offense with media content. Public reaction to offensive media.

The Concern

We’ve all seen it and shook our heads in disbelief... 

Content/Media that was released by major public and privately-held businesses that caused large-scale public offense.

Furthermore, the offense caused individuals or even whole groups of people to experience pain-publicly and privately-because they felt personally and intentionally  targeted by the offensive media-content. If the company was an ‘offense-repeater’, it may be even more difficult for it to re-establish goodwill and trust with its consumers, potential consumers, and the public at-large. 

In many cases, so egregious was the offense, that it not only affected a company’s credibility as one of having integrity, it impacted a company’s current earnings and their potential for future earnings. 

It is not that these companies weren’t knowledgeable in media-creation. Some companies that caused unintended offense, had access to the most sophisticated media-production teams, a company could hope to have. 

Indeed, those companies had access to the right competencies that could show-case all the benefits of a company’s product or services.   

Those companies also had access to the right competencies that could disseminate the company’s message in ways that would reach a large audience and therefore, maximize the cost associated with media production. 


However, in some instances of unintended offense, a company did not have access to the right competencies in the right consciousness to accurately inform the media that would be disseminated to a large and diverse audience.

Those companies did not have access to the right competencies that were required to represent the company without also making unintended negative inferences about some of the company’s consumer-base or those who could be the company’s potential consumers.

Not having access to the right competencies, at the right time, to help develop media the right way, can be downright concerning!

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