We Provide Black Label Services in 4 Conscious Ways:

Media and Content Project Consultation


CMC, LLC provides premium Black Label products and services and ensures a white glove experience for our clients.

Content/media creators,  media sponsors and promoters who seek to demonstrate Conscious-Concern© in the content they create, sponsor or promote, will increase their abilities and confidence by having the inclusive, multi-lens representation that CMC, LLC provides. 

Look no further for a  competently-conscious and well-informed thought-partner at your table.   

We offer expertise in Content creation  thought-leadership.  From project concept to project completion, our thought-partnership is grounded in conscious, inclusive, knowledgeable and thoughtful discourse that ensures comprehensive analysis of your content. Media that is created without the type of competent discourse that CMC, LLC brings can cause media to be created that causes unintended offense, harm and other costly mistakes. 

Media Commentary & Speaking


Ava Montgomery has the knowledge, experience, and ability to speak with compassionate and diplomatic candidness about misrepresentations and inaccurate narratives that are frequently delivered in, or created through, non-conscious media content. 

She facilitates thought leadership for meaningful discussions about the need for conscious media literacy skill development for content creators and media consumers. As well, Ava demonstrates cultural responsiveness and competent-consciousnesses that connect with and engage audiences around social-issue discourses.  

Conscious Media Literacy Training


Everyone has the power to influence media positively and to use the power of being a media-influencer constructively.  

CMC, LLC can customize a training or workshop for your organization that includes information on:

  • How to discern Dots Of/On a Narrative 
  • How to spot bias created through use of specific communication tools and strategies
  • How using terminology in certain ways shows biases and leads to unintended offense in content/media
  • The importance of acquiring Conscious Media Literacy for media creation and consumption
  • And more!

Consciousness Indicators Inventory© (CII)


Coming Soon! 

"Let CMC, LLC help you "CII" what you may not see."  

A CII review entails taking an honest and thorough review of of an organization's public-facing communications-generally provided through an organizational website.  

CMC, LLC uses the CII tool to  help an organization assess the level of conscious awareness with which your online content communicates your message. 

The review is rooted in Conscious Media Consulting, LLC’s (CMC, LLC) 6 Spheres of Conscious-Concern©.

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