Our Media Consulting Services

Media Consultation

We offer Media Consulting based on knowledgeable and thoughtful discourse. Media that is created without such discourse can cause media to be created that is hurtful, causes unintended offense and costly mistakes. 

Anyone who seeks to demonstrate Conscious-Concern© in media-creation, will increase their abilities and confidence by having CMC, LLC as a well-informed thought-partner to consult with. 

Media Commentary & Speaking

Ava Montgomery has the knowledge, experience, and ability to speak with compassionate and diplomatic candidness about media representations. 

Ava demonstrates cultural and conscious-competencies that help her connect with and engage her audience in meaningful discussions about media literacy and social-issue discourses.

Media Literacy Training

Everyone has the power to influence media positively and to use the power of being a media-influencer constructively.  

CMC, LLC can customize a training or workshop for your organization that includes information on:

  • How to discern Dots Of/On a Narrative 
  • How to spot bias created through use of specific communication tools and strategies
  • How using terminology in certain ways leads to unintended biases in media
  • The importance of acquiring Conscious and Comprehensive Media Literacy for media-consumption
  • And more!